Kings Of The Trash!

QUAZIMOFO version 1 was a merge of 2 Orange County local bands, SWA-RA and PORTRAIT OF INSANITY which united to form a psychedelic-rock outfit called THE NOONDAY UNDERGROUND. Eventually the band's sound would transform into an identity and sound that they would label QUAZIMOFO. Influenced by a vast variety of genres and an Orange County that was exploding at the seams with epic art and music. The result was still moody-psychedelic, but with a wall of sound and in your face memorable tunes delivered with chaotic confusion. Almost an inside joke to the players. It was rad. It was art. It was whatever we wanted it to be. Eventually the members would all move on to do their own thing. Create their own musical visions. Respectfully good ones as well. Years would pass and for me, that vision resurfaced. Studio work began between Mr. Bolton and myself after a break from another project we both had the pleasure of doing called The Bells. As the songs progressed, it seemed both of us wanted to take this thing live as the musics trajectory was becoming it's own animal. Closely resembling the attack and approach of the 1st version of QUAZIMOFO building version 2 was a no brainer and we wanted to grab players that could add their vision to create what you are going to experience. Each of them with their own backgrounds and influence. Their ideals. These songs are played with conviction and a level of buy-in that makes it a pleasure for us to produce it for you. We hope you enjoy.

Eric Felty


Lead Vocalist

Loves long walks on the beach

Mark Bolton


Lead Guitar and Vocals

Mark has played guitar in many So Cal bands such as 45 Grave, Unit F, Bridget The Midget, Dirty Angels, and more.

Scott Reedy


Bass player and Vocals

Scott has played bass for many bands in the San Diego and Orange County music scenes such as Whole Hog, Hell is Other People, Space Force, and many others.

Sean Mallard


Guitar and Vocals

Sean has played in many OC band such as Smut Peddlers and Fork Tailed Devils. He also was a professional Downhill Skateboarder and the 1997 Downhill Skateboard Champion.



Drums and Vocals

Skunk is an OC native and has played with bands such as Mercenary, Confederate, Faust, Bridget the Midget, Tony Lombardo, The Twisters, and others.



Leave Me Alone

Singing To My Dog


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Oct 2 2021, Tastee Nuggz, Quazimofo and friends

Doll Hut in Anaheim


Nov 6 2021, Reagan Youth, Stalag 13, Quazimofo and friends

Doll Hut in Anaheim


Dec 10 2021, Narcoleptic Youth, Quazimofo, Amerikan Made, Carpit and Dirty Hammer

Fitzgerald's Irish Pub in Huntington Beach


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Fullerton, CA USA


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